What Makes Indecon Business Services Inc. Stand Out

By Wendy Adams |


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About Indecon Business Services Inc.

Indecon Business Services Inc. has been in the bookkeeping and accounting business for ten years now. We have three dedicated employees working under the leadership and guidance of Wendy Adams.

Indecon Business Services Inc. is always growing and changing with new technologies as they arise. Our goal is to have as many clients as possible and to embrace new technologies such as Hubdoc to enhance their experience.

Moreover, with the all the advantages that technology has brought us today, we have been able to extend our reach to clients from anywhere. Working with QuickBooks Online and Hubdoc (for data entry) has eliminated the need for the handling of paper receipts and bank and credit card statements. In the process, we have the ability to audit-proof the client’s books by having an electronic copy of the bill or receipt automatically attach itself to the QBO company file for that particular vendor.

With technology like Hubdoc, our client outreach is limitless! However, we do tend to focus on operating within our own province of Winnipeg, MB. We can expand into any other province as long as there is no need for exchange of physical paperwork.

The Indecon Business Services Inc. Difference

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our willingness to embrace new technology and introduce it to our clients which is value added for them. Our strengths are our collective years of vast experience in bookkeeping and in QuickBooks in general. Any client would choose to work with us solely because of our years in the field.

One of our most memorable feats was a number of years ago, where we carried out a complete upgrade from a redundant accounting platform and brought a $20,000,000.00 company over to QuickBooks, which to say the least was an astonishing feat!

We’re always learning and adapting to the times. If we have a question we do not readily know the answer to, we know where to look for the definitive answers and can then guide our client. With tax laws changing so frequently, it’s important to have a thirst for knowledge to learn new things, research and implement them effectively.

Going forward, we see our company continually growing and learning new technologies that can enhance the client’s overall bookkeeping and financial information experience. We aim to give our clients the best experience working with us.

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